A room, a lodge? How about a CASITA!

We’re only 4 days from lift off, headed to Nosara, Costa Rica on assignment and to visit my daughters who moved there in mid-August.

I’m a planner. I can’t help it. I don’t go to the lengths my daughter does, complete with a binder filled with flight info, lodging, ground transportation lined up and paid for months in advance of the trip. But, it’s close…..

So, when it was time to find a place to stay in this tropical paradise for 6 nights, I used the regular tactics of asking for recommendations from those who live there and also searching online for lodges, rooms, and hotels. 

I narrowed the search down from there and here’s where we ended up: A CASITA! It has everything we will need (meaning we can make coffee as soon as our eyes open) and it’s on the same property where my kin now lives. 

The Casita

Nosara Vacation Rentals

They live in the CASA on the property, and will be there until at least next year. The property is gated and includes maid service. Howler monkeys in the trees outside are complimentary…..

howler monkey at casita


It’s the low season (translate: rainy) in CR right now, so prices are inexpensive. Just buy a rain poncho and prepare to luxuriate in a tropical rainforest….and check out availability of the CASITA!

Click or tap below for more information on this beautiful part of Costa Rica!

Learn more about Nosara!



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