A two way conversation……

“The good writers touch life often.”

Ray Bradbury

There are a couple of things at work here, the “here” designated as the tension created when I write and no one reads it. Or at least, I have no way of knowing if they do or not, which I guess is the same thing from my perspective.

Do writers engage in their craft to be read (and thus, appreciated) or because they are compelled to write? As in all things, I’m sure the answer varies with the person, but for the most part, the writers I know must write. It seems to be part of our DNA, this constant need to observe and then document the world around us.

For myself, writing sorts out my emotions, forces me to unravel the errant threads of life that don’t fit anywhere, until I can stitch them all in place with my words. Much of what I write is never read by anyone other than me; it would scare too many people.

How do I reconcile that, then, with the fact that it hurts when people don’t read the work I DO put out there? One of my friends, also a writer, asked me that the other night. I don’t have a ready answer, I just know that it tickles me when I look at the stats page the day after I post a blog (alright, the hour after) and I see the number of views has increased. And the best gift you can give me is to comment on what I have written.

Does that make me needy? Narcissistic, as a young friend accused when I tried to explain this aberrant behavior?

Oh, you were waiting for an answer?

I don’t have one. The best I can do is this: I must write. It is a part of who I am. But, my choice of topics to share with an audience has a purpose.

Aging in this country is not pretty, so I decided to offer my experiences, and the lessons taught through those events, with two audiences: younger people who might learn from my own struggle to remain relevant, and those my age for a good laugh at ourselves. My immediate impetus was how many times I found myself exclaiming, “Why didn’t someone tell me about this??”

There have been other topics, too, such as my journey to become complaint-free. (That one was certainly good for a laugh by all ages.)

Have you ever left a succession of voice mails on someone’s machine with no return calls….ever? Publishing one’s words with no feedback is kind of like that.


6 responses to “A two way conversation……

  1. I (now that I’m getting them again) want you to know I enjoy all of your writings! However, what I find myself putting down in response (even if just in my head) seems so inconsequential and poorly written in comparison to what I have just read that I tend to not want to put myself, i.e. my “thoughts”, on display, as I’m one of those “hind sight”/”after the fact” people. So, if there’s not always a response, it’s because you just said so much better than I ever could what I think — then, too, after I’ve responded I realize I could have said it so much better, but I’ve already done it – and it’s out there on display! The circles of life – how great they are!


  2. Ok, I’m feeling guilty because I read, and Enjoy, your writings but do not comment. I am in the group in the second half of life who nod and laugh in agreement. Keep writing for all of us.


  3. My wish for you is to someday realize that you are one of the people in the world who is great at whatever task you decide upon. Not mediocre or just OK but great. I know it feels good to have someone respond but maybe the reason some don’t is because they feel like you should know how good you are. I always enjoy reading your posts. Doesn’t mean I always agree but that is one of the reasons we got along so well for almost 10 years.
    Blessings, Jim C


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