I’ve been wondering…..


~~~where cyberspace actually IS. Can I go there to find that story I wrote and never saw again? I know we have clouds where we can now save important stuff, but do the clouds mix with all that space….somewhere?

~~~how the nifty keyfinder device that was the rage two Christmases ago helps me when I’m standing in the parking lot at work and can’t find my keys? In the rain. After I’ve dropped my purse and book in a puddle.

~~~why more men don’t understand why dancing is often called “a vertical expression of a horizontal act”?

~~~how doing nothing under someone else’s direction can be so exhausting, but if you’re home trying to get some rest, it’s different?

~~~where that guy behind me in the monster truck thinks I’m going to go when all three lanes are bumper to bumper as far as we both can see? Vertical, maybe?

~~~the customer service person who is obviously in India. Is he having trouble understanding ME, too? Is there a point to all this miscommunication?

~~~when does the “CALL IN THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES!” start on those ads that run continuously? Is the person in India matching up the ads with the local time….around the globe? And what time zone is HE using to start that process?

~~~did God think it was funny to create men and women from the mud of two different planets? I can’t speak for you, but I am not amused.

~~~why people in other parts of the country don’t know about shaking clothes out before you put them on? Here in the South we know what can lurk in clothes, waiting to crawl on your neck after you put that robe on. Is it scorpions in the West? Ladybugs somewhere else?

~~~why men over about 60 continue to search for younger women? The women in their own age group know for a fact that many of those men can’t….you know…..even with that little blue pill available. And a doctor saying, “Since you have heart problems, you can’t use the pill, but you can go ahead and TRY if you really want to” does tend to make women a tad nervous. Just a tad.

~~~and what about those younger women when they find out what’s NOT going to happen with their Sugar Daddy? Some will be OK with…….well, never mind.

~~~why some people won’t pass a police car, even if it’s traveling at 25 mph in a 40 mph zone?

~~~those double turn lanes where drivers won’t use the second one, especially if it’s new? Everyone continues to line up in the original lane, like lemmings unable to get out of order, while the new lane sits empty and unused.

I’m confused.

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

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